Dr. Ralf Schäfer

Volumetric Video – Creating realistic dynamic 3D models of persons

Sönke Kirchhoff

Volumetric Capture – Creating Holograms and Stories in 6DoF

Yulu Wang

Industrialisation of Advanced Image

Diego Gonzales

Enter Immersive Web

Dr. Lily Hibberd

Parragirls Past, Present

Panel 1: Virtual Reality

Panel moderated by Kathleen Schröter

Kathleen Schröter

Digital Place-making and the Potential for Immersive Experience

Dr. Sebastian Knorr

Director’s Cut – Similarity Measures for Storytelling in Cinematic VR – Content

Dr. Rocio von Jungenfeld

zones of flow (iii)

Prof. Elke Reinhuber / Prof. Benjamin Seide

Be the Centre of the Universe – Strategies and Concepts to Experience Immersive Media

Lauren Moffatt

Beyond the Rubicon

Felix Gaedtke / Gayatri Parameswaran

Using VR to Document Stories of War

Panel 2: Virtual Reality

Panel moderated by Ludger Pfanz