Oliver Rack

The Digitalization Limbus and Creative Bureaucracy

Dr. Barbara Kuon

How to Enjoy Stagnation

Dr. Lioudmila Voropai

Futures of Art in a Post-Work Society

Prof. Dr. Johan F. Hartle

How Much Future Is Now? Limits of Post-Capitalist Hopes

Prof. Dr. Mark Post

Cultural Meat

Panel 5: Post-Capitalism

Panel moderated by Ludger Pfanz

Prof. Susanne Kriemann

Pechblende – Library for Radioactive Afterlife

Prof. Dr. Jivka Ovtcharova

Beyond Digital Twin – Make Analytics Come Alive

Thorsten Bauer

Digitalization and Identity

Yasser Almaamoun

Aggressive Humanism and the Wicked System of the World

Prof. Vibeke Sorensen

Getting from the Mood of the Planet to Other Wor(l)ds

Vesna Petresin

Present Continuous

Panel 6: Post-Capitalism

Panel moderated by Ludger Pfanz