Jules Rawlinson

Jules Rawlinson works with sounds, visuals and interactions, and performs with live electronics. Much of his output explores the use of graphic and symbolic notation and live visuals together with adaptable controllers (controllers with no specific musical use, e.g. graphics tablet, 3d “mouse”) to create a body of work that falls into the gaps between improvisation and repertoire. His recent research addresses action, agency, aura and spectacle in electronic music performance, with a specific focus on small improvising ensembles. The aims of this research were to develop a framework for graphical representations of multiplayer sonic/musical interactions in performance by exploring data visualization and machine listening of shared musical gestures in performance. The main output from this research is UniSSON, a suite of software tools that presents a real-time multi-temporal and multi-resolution view of sonic data across a number of sound-based parameters in accessible ways, which contributes to audience engagement and collaborative performance. He is a founding member of the LLEAPP network (Laboratory for Laptop and Electronic Audio Performance Practice), which has fostered an ongoing and reciprocal series of workshops and events at a number of UK institutions and recently the US. Jules has an MSc in Sound Design and PhD in Composition from Edinburgh University, where he is Lecturer in Digital Design and Programme Director for MSc Design and Digital Media. For more information visit http://www.pixelmechanics.com