"Love, Sex, and Bots - Guides for the coexistence of man and machine"

Holger Volland

in German

Saturday, 28.9.2019
Beginning 20:00 Uhr
Location: Welcome Room

Creative machines make pop culture.

Creative AI penetrates into ever new areas of our cultural life. Self-learning algorithms compose music, write novels, influence our senses, search for the right partner for us, know what we want and thus shape our world of experience. Social media and the large network services are both a huge resource for the training of machine learning, as well as a gigantic distribution system. One must be amazed at these developments and must discuss and reflect them at the same time. In the end, the question remains: how far do machines change our creativity and culture today?

Holger Volland serves as Vice President and member of the executive board of Frankfurter Buchmesse. He is responsible for international business development and sales and heads the book fair’s office in Beijing. Together with Christiane zu Salm he founded THE ARTS+ – a think tank event for technology in culture. As Autor of "The creative Power of Machines" he published about interactions of artificial intelligence and culture.