Sergey Biniaminov

Deep Learning 2.0 was yesterday

Paul Maidowski

Augmented Reality: Climate change – AI as time-delayed legal collective action problem

Prof. Aljoscha Smolic

Creative Experiments in 6 DoF VR/AR – Beckett, Swift & Trinity

Dr. Elias Knubben

Innovations through Bionic Thinking – Agile Development by the Bionic Learning Network

Panel 3: Artificial Intelligence

Panel moderated by Kathleen Schröter

Cyril Tuschi

Critical Self-Reflection of Technical Progress Is Not a Sin

Forian Dohmann / Roman Lipski

Unfinished – The First Artificial Muse in the World of Art

Mario Klingemann

Instruments of Creation

Eduardo Miranda

Artificial Intelligence Music with Biocomputing

Panel 4: Artificial Intelligence

Panel moderated by Ludger Pfanz