Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic technologies, mobile devices with 3D capabilities, 3D lasers, laser scanners, 3D printers – augmented reality and new interfaces codeveloped by engineers and artists are finally fully presenting the fouth dimension to be creatively used in representation and expression, creating new business models in all industries and especially in the cultural and creative sphere.
New displays will bring immersive communication not only into our homes but will transform any surface into a screen. Teleconferencing, digital distribution and video on demand, live 3D landscapes will change the atmosphere of your living room like a “window to the world” and portable 3D-devices will enlarge the home-screen to wherever you go. Traditional television will be reduced to live events for example in sport, politics and news.
Virtual realities and network-worlds might become part of human life similar to our dreams, which are a nightly routine, somehow separated from our daily lives obeying to different physical rules.
Humans are story-driven animals and the human universe is more made out of stories than of atoms. Cultures, religions, nations and political systems even the currency and the market are nothing more than stories Inter-Subjective Phenomenon’s people believe in.

The Ideas and Narratives of Today are the foundation of tomorrows History.

Artist create not only new Design but new Narratives for the Future creating Probabilities AND Desirable Improbabilities BEYOND the Imitation of Life.