Eleanora Pfanz

Eleanora Pfanz was born in Hamburg in 1996. Already in her early childhood she began to deal with environmental protection and developed with her family "Das Abenteuer um die Ecke" a documentary series by children for children (2007-2012). Through which she came into contact with moderation and direction at an early age. In this project she worked together with local nature conservation projects of the Black Forest Nature Park Mitte/ Nord E.V and the EU Life Project" Living Rhine Floodplains".
After finishing school, she began to study media art with a focus on photography and 360 degree videoart.
Her art is still dedicated to environmental protection and addresses problems that need to be solved. Her work "Displaced", which focuses on overfishing and garbage in the oceans, was presented at the Beyond Festival in 2018.
As part of the "Mermaid Tears"-seminar, Eleanora Pfanz travelled to Sri Lanka and studied the effects of global warming and microplastics in the oceans with the Blue Recources Trust Institute.
Since 2019 she has been more involved with artificial intelligence and is working with an artist collective on "ClAImate Change" an AI that represents the effects of climate change.